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SolusVM / OpenVZ 6 obsolete

In October 2012, we founded GINERNET offering low-cost VPS servers. To do so, we implemented a virtualization environment based on SolusVM/OpenVZ 6 technology.

In January 2019, in view of updating a platform that was going to become obsolete, we started marketing VPS servers based on GridCP/KVM technology. This is the technology that we will continue to offer over the next few years.

As of today, SolusVM/OpenVZ are obsolete.

It is necessary for customers to migrate their VPS to the new platform before January 1, 2023, when we will shut down the SolusVM platform.

Unfortunately it is not possible to do an automatic migration, so it is necessary to hire a new VPS which will have a new IP and migrate the data by hand from the old VPS to the new one.

You can still keep the OpenVZ server IP if you convert it to a Fail-Over IP, at an extra cost of 2 €/month.
All VPSs include an IPv4 that we call genuine and is bound to the server. This IP cannot be changed or moved.
You can order additional IPs, they are linked to your user account and are Fail-Over type, that is, you can move them from one VPS to another and they remain yours as long as you keep renewing them.

From GINERNET we want to make this migration task easier, so we offer you the possibility of ordering a VPS at no cost, so you can have 2 VPS active at the same time without having to pay anything.

You can choose any VPS from our catalog, but keep in mind that VPS can be scaled up but not down, so we recommend you to choose the VPS that best suits your needs.

When you place your order for the new VPS, an invoice will be generated, DO NOT PAY IT, write us a message and we will activate the new VPS free of charge.