GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations

This document has been last revised on 29/July/2019 and refers to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR or RGPD) approved on 14 April 2016 in the European Parliament and in compliance we notify our users in a clear and easy to understand manner, so that users can voluntarily determine if they wish to provide GINERNET S.L. with the personal data required.


1- In GINERNET we record and store a history of all the IP addresses that access our websites. Additionally, we maintain a database with those persons or companies who have at some time contracted our services or who have decided of their own free will to register as customers.

2- For each of these clients, we store a series of personal data as well as a record of the activity carried out within the different service management control panels.

3- The purpose of the stored data is the management and administration of the portfolio of clients and distributors to be able to provide them with the service, the collection of the same, to make budgets and to send commercial communications by any means (postal or electronic).

4- At the time of collecting the data, the voluntary or compulsory nature of the data being collected will be indicated. The refusal to provide the data qualified as obligatory will mean the impossibility of providing the service being contracted.


1- During the process of contracting a service, the client must confirm that he has read this sheet regarding the GDPR regulations

2- Consequently, users who provide GINERNET with personal data unequivocally consent to their incorporation into the GINERNET customer and supplier database for the purposes specifically determined above.

3- The personal data stored are:

  • Name and Surname (Required)
  • Company Name (Optional)
  • Telephone and E-mail (Obligatory)
  • DNI, CIF, NIE, Passport or equivalent document (Optional)
  • Address (Required)
  • Bank account (Optional)
  • Access IP address history (Required)


1- Each client can access with their user and password to the client area to modify their personal data, consult contracted services and manage support requests.

2- The personal data provided by the users must be accurate and updated in order to respond truthfully to the current situation of the affected person.

3- These data will not be verified unless there is a suspicion of illegal activity, in the process of contracting or during the duration of the contract, which could involve economic fraud or illegal activity of the use of the contracted services. In this case, GINERNET will ask the customer to provide documentation that justifies the veracity of their personal data.


1- At GINERNET we adopt all possible measures, at a technical and organisational level, to guarantee the security and integrity of the data stored.

2- In the event that a security breach is detected in the customer or supplier database, it will be audited with the utmost rigour and those affected will be notified with the result of the audit, providing all available information as well as contingency measures.

3- Each client has a freely chosen access password, which we store encrypted in our database. Additionally, each user is free to activate a second authentication factor (2FA) in order to extend the security of their account.

4- In GINERNET we are committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers in a strict manner and we guarantee that we do not share our customers’ personal data with third parties, GINERNET being the only recipient of the information provided.

5- Exceptionally, we will attend the requests of the security and judicial forces of the Spanish state, always under a justified cause as a telematic crime executed from our infrastructure.


1- The client can modify some of his personal data in such a way that the previous data is overwritten, for example, by changing the address we will no longer have a record of which was the old one. In other cases, it will be necessary to open a new customer account, for example if you want to change your name or company name.

2- If you have made a contract that includes economic transactions, you may request the closure of the account. From GINERNET we will continue to keep the data of said transaction for a reasonable time that will allow us to justify said transaction in the event of a court order.

3- If the client never made any economic transaction, he can request the complete elimination of his client account.

4- Each client can exercise their right of data portability and will receive a file that includes all the information stored in our database.


1- Data hosting (Hosting) is part of the service offered by GINERNET, which implies that customers use our Internet server hosting equipment as a platform to host their own data or that of third parties.

2- In view of this scenario, at GINERNET we ensure that we comply with the same security measures previously outlined for this data.

3- In the same way, we also ensure the privacy of this data being our only objective to provide the hosting service. In no case we will use these data for our own purposes.


1- All clients with active services will receive notifications regarding the contracting, renewal and cancellation of their active services, recommendations on the security or optimization of said active services, as well as in exceptional cases due to a change in regulations or failure to comply with the terms of the contract.

2- Additionally, any client may choose voluntarily and with explicit confirmation to receive additional notifications such as commercial offers or news of interest related to the “Hosting” sector.