Managed VPS

VPS Servers with cPanel

What is a Managed VPS?

VPS Administrado

It is a Private Server with cPanel which we deliver configured and ready for web hosting.

It includes maintenance service and monitoring to ensure its proper functioning at all times.

No problem if you don’t have the necessary knowledge in Linux systems administration, you can forget about the server management, we’ll take care of it.

VPS Administrado

Plans and Prices


10 Gbps connection
Hosted in Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
cPanel + root acces

50 €



10 Gbps connection
Hosted in Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
cPanel + root acces

75 €

69 €



10 Gbps connection
Hosted in Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
cPanel + root acces

100 €



10 Gbps connection
Hosted in Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
cPanel + root acces

125 €


Can't find the server you need?

Contact us and we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made server for you.

We have more servers available, to see them please visit this page from a PC


6 x 2.40 GHz


300 GB NVMe

600 GB Bkp

15 TB/mo

185 €


8 x 2.40 GHz


400 GB NVMe

800 GB Bkp

20 TB/mo

250 €


12 x 2.40 GHz


600 GB NVMe

1200 GB Bkp

30 TB/mo

375 €


16 x 2.40 GHz


800 GB NVMe

1600 GB Bkp

40 TB/mo

500 €


24 x 2.40 GHz


1200 GB NVMe

2400 GB Bkp

60 TB/mo

750 €


32 x 2.40 GHz

128 GB RAM

1600 GB NVMe

3200 GB Bkp

80 TB/mo

1000 €

What does the Managed VPS include?


cPanel License

All our Managed VPSs include a cPanel Admin license that allows you to create up to 5 cPanel accounts. If you need to create more accounts, you can purchase a higher license:

  • cPanel Admin 5 accounts: 10 €/month
  • cPanel Pro 30 accounts: 20 €/month
  • cPanel Plus 50 accounts: 30 €/month
  • cPanel Premiere 100 accounts: 40 €/month
  • cPanel Premiere 150 accounts: 50 €/month
  • cPanel Premiere 200 accounts: 60 €/month
  • cPanel Premiere 250 accounts: 70 €/month
  • cPanel Premiere 300 accounts: 80 €/month

LiteSpeed License

cPanel includes the Apache web server, it is open source and therefore free. However, we recommend you to use LiteSpeed instead. It has a license cost, but the performance difference is brutal:

  • LiteSpeed Site Owner: 5 cP + 8 GB RAM + 1 Worker = 10 €/month
  • LiteSpeed Owner Plus: 5 cP +  GB RAM + 1 Worker = 15 €/month
  • LiteSpeed Lite: cP + 8 GB RAM + 1 Worker = 25 €/month
  • LiteSpeed Essential:  cP +  GB RAM + 1 Worker = 35 €/month
  • LiteSpeed Pro:  cP +  GB RAM + 2 Workers = 45 €/month
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise:  cP +  GB RAM + 4 Workers = 65 €/month
  • LiteSpeed Elite:  cP +  GB RAM + Workers = 90 €/month

JetBackup License

cPanel includes a backup system that we configure to make a daily, weekly and monthly copy of each cPanel account. But it has the “glue” that does not allow to restore selective backups.

For example, if we want to restore the backup of the web to a previous state, we will have to restore the complete copy of cPanel, thus losing the emails that we would have received since the backup was made.

As an alternative, you can hire JetBackup for only 5 €/month, which does allow you to restore backups of individual items: files, databases, e-mails, DNS and cron tasks.


CloudLinux License

cPanel is installed on the CentOS operating system. As an alternative, we can install CloudLinux for only 10€/month.

CloudLinux takes care of caging each cPanel account, blocking improper access in case a cPanel account wants to “access” the files of another different account and allowing you to define CPU and RAM limits.

If all the websites hosted in the VPS are yours, you may not need that extra security, but if you don’t know what your clients are putting into the server, we recommend that you hire CloudLinux.

eXploit Scanner

Licencia eXploit Scanner

All our Managed VPSs include an LFD firewall that blocks brute force attacks. 

For example, if someone tries to access your cPanel and enters the wrong password 20 times, the attacker’s IP is blocked.

However, we recommend you to activate the LFD + CXS (eXploit Scanner) license for only 5 €/month, which is in charge of monitoring in real time all the files uploaded to the server through FTP, forms and SQL injections, to have an extra guarantee that your website will not be hacked.

Additionally, every Monday you will receive a report with the vulnerabilities we have found in your websites.

GridCP Logo

GridCP is the best control panel to manage your VPS.

It allows you to perform tasks such as turning on, turning off, restarting or reinstalling your virtual server, managing IP addresses, backup copies and consulting your consumption statistics.

It is a control panel developed by us at GINERNET, this allows us to implement all the needs of our clients without depending on third parties.

If when you are using it you come up with any new functionality, let us know! we will be happy to implement it for you.

Managed VPS FAQs

Do I get root access to the managed server?

Yes, in the installation mail you receive the instructions to log in as root.

Is the installation of additional software included?

Depending, our managed servers are installed with cPanel. If the module or software you want to install has cPanel certified compatibility, we can install it for you. However, if the software is not certified for cPanel we will not install it due to possible future incidents.

Is a Managed VPS fast?

Our Managed VPS are installed in premium servers, we use the latest technology hardware, 10 Gbps network and the disks of the VPS are SSD, including backup disks. Our VPSs are flying fast! 🙂