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The best VPS hosted in Spain

Cheap VPS servers in Spain

VPS Barato

We offer you our LowCost VPS servers hosted in Madrid (Interxion datacenter) with the best ping.

After confirming the payment of the VPS, the activation is automatic and you receive the access data instantly.

Install the operating system with a click or through an ISO in a personalized way.

VPS Barato
¡ 4 months FREE !

If you order your VPS with the annual period you only pay 8 months.

Price guaranteed for life.


10 Gbps connection
Hosted in Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
Root access


5 €



10 Gbps connection
Hosted en Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
Root or RDP access
Linux or Windows

7.50 €



10 Gbps connection
Hosted en Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
Root or RDP access
Linux or Windows

15 €



10 Gbps connection
Hosted en Madrid
Interxion Datacenter
Root or RDP access
Linux or Windows

30 €


Looking for a more powerful VPS?

Check our Optimized VPS with 3.50 GHz CPUs

starting 20 €/month

Looking for a VPS for websites?

Check our Managed VPS with cPanelstarting 50 €/month
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GridCP is the best control panel to manage your VPS.

It allows you to perform tasks such as turning on, turning off, restarting or reinstalling your virtual server, managing IP addresses, backup copies and consulting your consumption statistics.

It is a control panel developed by us at GINERNET, this allows us to implement all the needs of our clients without depending on third parties.

If when you are using it you come up with any new functionality, let us know! we will be happy to implement it for you.

The best VPS in Spain

Operating System

You can install the operating system with a single click from our templates for CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu.

You can also install your own Windows or Linux through an ISO image.


We perform a weekly backup of all of our customers’ VPS.

Additionally, from the GridCP panel you can make your own snapshots and restore them whenever you want.

IP addresses

Each VPS includes an IPv4 that we call genuine and is linked to the virtual server that you have buy. This IP cannot be changed.

You can buy additional IPs which you can choose from different A class, they are linked to your user account and are Fail-Over type, this means, you can move them from one VPS to another and they remain yours as long as you continue to renew them.


All the subnets of our network have the capacity to execute mitigation processes against DDoS attacks, it is a free service for all clients whenever they receive a specific attack.

In case you host a service prone to receiving attacks, we offer you a DDoS Protected IP for just 3 €/month.


We host our servers on top brand hardware. High-density nodes with 32 cores, 256 GB of RAM, NVMe disks with a high-performance io and 10 Gbps network.

We have on-site replacement components to be able to resolve incidents in a few minutes.


Our VPS are based on KVM technology. This type of virtualization allows you to create servers with dedicated resources and real isolation.

It allows you to install or compile any operating system being able to have the best VPS for your needs.

Servers in Spain

VPS España

We host our servers in Interxion (Madrid), it is the most prestigious datacenter in Spain where companies such as Google, Facebook or Netflix also host their servers.

It offers us the space with climate control and necessary electricity to keep the equipment in operation with the most demanding levels of quality, with on-site staff presence 24/7.

We have a BGP network with 40 Gbps and 4 redundant fiber optic links with 4 different providers, Telefonica, Telia, GTT and Voxility.

We peer with Cloud providers (Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.)

Our IP transit allows you to reach any national ISP (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, etc.) in less than 1 ms.

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MTR / Ping


What is a VPS and why is the GINERNET one the best?

It stands for Virtual Private Server.

A server is a very powerful computer where programs are executed and data is stored, providing services such as web page hosting, e-mail, etc.

A VPS, is a server that runs on a virtualization environment, which allows to create several servers within a single computer.

The term Private refers to the fact that the resources of the server are reserved, such as the CPU, RAM and disk. Each VPS is isolated from the rest.

Can I use the VPS for Web Hosting?

Yes, you get root access to the VPS and can install whatever you want, if you know how 🙂

If you don’t know how to configure a VPS for Hosting, we do it for you in our Managed VPS.

Can I use the VPS for Forex?

Yes, we have clients who trade Forex on our VPS. You can do whatever you want on a VPS, we do not restrict anything.

Can I install Windows on a VPS?

Yes, in all our VPS you can install Windows 10 or Windows Server.

Every VPS have dedicated IP?

Yes, each VPS is delivered with a dedicated and public IP. The IP is not shared with anyone, all ports are available exclusively for your VPS.

Do we have to open ports in the VPS?

Our entire network is open, we do not block any ports. Simply by installing your application, it will respond to the corresponding port. But don’t forget to check your server’s firewall.