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Hosting WordPress

We offer you an optimized server to host your website made with WordPress.

We include the management tools WP Manager and wp-cli so you can take advantage of the full potential of WordPress.

Maximum performance hosting thanks to the LiteSpeed Cache engine and its integration with quic.cloud

Hosting WordPress

Plans and Prices


Litespeed Cache
Free SSL certificate
Hosted in Madrid​

5 €



Litespeed Cache
Free SSL certificate
Hosted in Madrid​

10 €

7.50 €



Litespeed Cache
Free SSL certificate
Hosted in Madrid​

15 €



Litespeed Cache
Free SSL certificate
Hosted in Madrid​

20 €


Each WordPress includes by default 1 core (100%) of CPU and 2 GB of RAM.
You can expand each WordPress up to 8 cores and 16 GB of RAM.

You need to host several websites?

When sign up, you can enable WHM and convert your hosting into a multidomain for only 3€/month

Do you need more storage?

Check our Reseller hosting

starting from 25 €/month

LiteSpeed Hosting with FREE .es domain

When sign up our hosting plans in annual mode, you only pay 10 months instead of 12 and we give you the registration of a domain.es

During the sign-up process, simply select the annual payment and the price for the domain registration will change automatically and will cost 0 €

Dominio Gratis

Why to choose our Hosting for WordPress?

Optimized Hosting

Optimized high performance cloud servers, the best security and the greatest flexibility to host your WordPress and any plugin. Our hosting helps you improve the SEO of your website or blog.

LiteSpeed Cache

We include the LiteSpeed license so you have all the cache functionalities, CDN and image optimizer features enabled without having to pay any extra. Your website will fly.

WP Manager + wp-cli

WP Manager and WP CLI improve your WordPress user experience by adding a management layer from cPanel. You will be able to make new installations with one click, recover passwords, manage backup copies, execute commands from the console, etc…

Professional email

The best email service so that your emails always end up in the recipient’s inbox and do not arrive as SPAM. All of our IP addresses are clean.
Email Profesional

Professional email

All our hosting plans include a professional email service with unlimited email accounts. IMAP, POP, SMTP and Roundube webmail access.
Forget spam, viruses and malware. All incoming and outgoing emails are analyzed by our antispam filters.
The emails are sent through a relay server, with a good IP reputation.

Technical characteristics

  • CloudLinux Operating System + CageFS
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • LiteSpeed web server + LiteCache
  • MariaDB 10.3 server (MySQL) + PhpMyAdmin
  • 10 Gbps bandwidth
  • Antimalware + Exploit Scanner + Weekly reports
  • Backups every 6 hours stored up to 2 months
  • PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 y 7.4 + SuPHP + FPM
  • Custom max_execution_time + memory_limit
  • Gzip + Brotli compresion
  • GD + ImageMagick image processor
  • ZendEncoder + IoncubeLoader
  • SSH enabled
  • Curl enabled

Hosting in Spain

Our servers are in Spain, we use Spanish IPs and we have a direct connection with Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and MasMovil.

We offer you a 100% real hosting in Spain.

Why is it important to have my website hosted in Spain?

Because your clients and users are also from Spain.

When a user visits your website, the packets travel over the Internet, hopping through different network points. The further the user is from the destination server; the packets will have to jump more and therefore there will be a higher latency/ping (they will take longer to arrive). Hosting your website in Spain will have better access times.

Our servers are hosted in Madrid (at the Interxion datacenter).

A user who lives in Madrid and accesses our servers has a latency of less than 5 milliseconds.

The same user with a website hosted in France, the latency goes up to 25 ms.

The difference is remarkable. Do not hesitate! host your websites in Spain with our Hosting.

Soporte técnico

English Support

It does not matter if you just want to dedicate yourself to your business or if you prefer to get fully involved in the administration of your online hosting.
We are at your disposal to advise you and resolve your incidents.
Hosting Seguro


We pay special attention to the security of our entire infrastructure and we monitor even the smallest detail to secure your project against any type of attack. We even help you clean up infected projects.​
Every week you receive a report with the vulnerabilities of your website so that you can correct them.
Hosting Potente


We combine hardware + software optimization to offer you the best performance for your website.
3.50 GHz CPUs, SSD NVMe drives, 10 Gbps network in Madrid and LiteSpeed web engine

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Is it really an optimized hosting for WordPress?

Yes, we have installed all the features used by WordPress professionals such as LiteSpeed, WP Manager and wp-cli.

Can I install something other than WordPress?

Yes, you can install any software that runs on PHP. Simply that if your website is WordPress you already have a series of tools at your disposal that a classic hosting would not have.

I have performance problems in my current hosting, if I migrate, will it be solved?

We configure our servers knowing that performance is a top priority. In most cases our clients notice an improvement in performance by migrating the web to our servers

What is the best value for money WordPress hosting?

Our main objective is to offer a hosting service for WordPress of the highest quality, we do not seek to be the cheapest hosting, but our level of server optimization and management processes allow us to offer hosting plans at a very competitive price without reducing the quality of the service

What advantages at the security level does this hosting have?

There are measures that for security reasons we cannot reveal, but so that you can know to what extent we protect our clients’ websites, we inform you about some of our most notorious measures:

  • All the files uploaded to the server are analyzed in real time, their code for viruses and malware. So if a hacker finds a vulnerability on your website, he will not be able to inject his malicious code. If you migrate your infected website from another hosting, you will receive an email with the files that we have detected as malicious.


  • Rate-limit of xmlrpc.php, is one of the main attack vectors of WordPress. Instead of blocking complete access, what we do is limit the number of accesses allowed per hour. So, you can make use of its functionality but attackers will not be able to saturate the server.


  • Invisible reCaptcha protection. If an attacker is bombarding your website with illegitimate access, you can activate reCaptcha protection through .htaccess without the need for a plugin or registry. This action is implemented automatically for all accesses from China.
If you have security problems you can contact us to assess your specific case.

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