AntiDDoS protection in Spain

2 Tbps of capacity to mitigate DDoS attacks

AntiDDoS en España
Through a BGP session, we announce our IP prefixes through the Voxility network, a prestigious provider against DDoS attacks.
It allows us to mitigate DDoS attacks at any point in our network. All our clients are protected.
The mitigation is done in Madrid so there is no latency/ping increase on the internet connection.
AntiDDoS en España

They are attacking me now!

Our Anti DDoS is perimeter integrated in our network, this means that we can mitigate attacks instantly and automatically.
If you are being attacked right now, we can clean up any DDoS attacks as soon as we get to your case.
In less than 1 hour your attacker will have run into our wall.

Ataque de +1 Tbps mitigado en Septiembre de 2020

Anti-DDoS solutions for servers and cloud


Thanks to our #SMAMA technology, when an IP receives an attack, the incoming traffic is automatically diverted to the mitigation router. Mitigation takes 15 seconds to complete from the start of the attack.
It is a protection for those who receive specific attacks.


All traffic enters directly through the mitigation router, when an IP receives an attack, the mitigation takes 3 seconds to complete from the beginning of the attack.
It is a protection for those services that are prone to receiving attacks.


The IP is constantly in mitigation mode. In the event of an attack, mitigation is immediate.
This mitigation mode should be activated by those who constantly receive attacks, for example those who need Anti DDoS for games.
Reactive Mitigation is included by default in all the IPs of our network.
Proactive and Permanent Protection has a cost of 3 €/ month per IP.

Anti DDoS BGP for ISP providers

Our contract with Voxility allows us to resell your protection to other companies and operators with ISP businesses. We can provide you with a BGP session where you advertise your IP prefixes against Voxility at a much more competitive price, from only 250 €/month + IVA.
Additionally, we include SMAMA, our cloud attack mitigation tool, so you can automate the entire process, from attack detection to mitigation.
It doesn’t matter if they attack you at 4 in the morning, SMAMA is in charge of keeping your infrastructure clean of attacks automatically.
Don’t worry if you don’t have advanced knowledge, we help you both in implementation and on a day-to-day basis to keep your network protected against denial of service attacks.

Frequently asked questions about Anti DDoS

What kind of mitigation does Anti DDoS include?

This is layer 3/4 mitigation, that is, protection against volumetric attacks where the attacker’s goal is to saturate your network.

Do you offer layer 7 protection?

Yes, but it is not part of Voxility’s Anti DDoS.

We offer layer 7 mitigation for web page protection. To have layer 7 protection you must hire our LiteSpeed Hosting or our Managed VPS.

What is SMAMA?

Service Monitoring for Attacks and Mitigation Automated It is a solution that we have developed in GINERNET that is responsible for analyzing in real time the traffic that enters our network to detect when a DDoS attack is taking place and in that case automatically divert the traffic through an attack mitigation network.

Es una solución que hemos desarollado en GINERNET que se encarga de analizar en tiempo real el tráfico que entra a nuestra red para detectar cuando se está produciendo un ataque DDoS y en ese caso desviar automáticamente el tráfico por una red de mitigación de ataques.