Terms and conditions

On the one hand, GINERNET S.L. (from now on GINERNET), with NIF: B-54660485 and registered office in Pza San Cristobal, 14, 03002, Alicante, ES, a Limited Liability Company constituted in Alicante in the notary’s office of Mr. Antonio Ripoll Soler, registered in the Trade Register of Alicante, in volume 3634, sheet 95, entry 1 with page A-131744.

On the other hand, the contracting party, natural or legal person who fills in the contract form (hereinafter the Client). Both parties, GINERNET and the Client, are interested in formalizing the present conditions by accepting the terms and conditions established in the following points:


1- These are intended to regulate the conditions under which the customer accesses its services, the provision of this service by GINERNET, as well as to set the conditions and form of remuneration of the customer to GINERNET.

2- By contracting a product or service, the client confirms that he/she has read and understood and that he/she accepts our GDPR policy.


1- The customer will determine the configuration of their services according to their needs, choosing from those offered by GINERNET at that time.

2- The services provided by GINERNET, object of this contract, have, among other resources, a Server Control Panel, from which the customer can manage and administer the resources and applications of its services.

3- GINERNET will not be responsible for the correct functioning, safety and/or compatibility of the applications used by the customer.

4- The client may contact soporte@ginernet.com to resolve doubts/incidents related to the services.

5- GINERNET reserves the right to offer the version of the applications it considers most appropriate, as well as to modify, at any time, the applications available according to the new versions or the vulnerabilities detected, without having to notify the customer of such changes.

6- The customer must always have the necessary original software licenses, including those corresponding to the Operating System.

7- GINERNET shall not be responsible for the consequences that the omission of this obligation may generate with regard to third parties.

8- The customer must take into account that although not all Operating Systems need to have a license, depending on which one has been chosen by the customer, it may be necessary for them to have their corresponding original license, either because they rent it through GINERNET or because it is already their property.


1- For the availability of the service that gives rise to these conditions, the Client must pay in advance to GINERNET the price corresponding to the contracted service, according to the rates published at that time on GINERNET’s website, through any of the payment methods that GINERNET offers for its products: Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer.

2- The payment of the resources, extensions and additional services contracted in GINERNET, both in its first contracting and in its successive renewals, will always be in advance, through any of the payment methods that GINERNET offers for its products: Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer.

3- At any time, the customer may modify the payment method and/or its associated data, by requesting it through the “Customer Area”.

4- The customer may contact the address facturacion@ginernet.com to send any proof of payment as well as to resolve doubts/incidents related to the invoicing of the services.

5- GINERNET reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service provided for any incident experienced in the collection of the service and/or for lack of payment until the resolution of the same. If the client does not proceed with the payment after the previous notice of the temporary suspension, it will cause definitive cancellation.

6- After 7 days from the date of payment, GINERNET reserves the right to delete the service. If the service is contracted again, all data must be registered again.


1- The services provided by GINERNET are products consisting of a server integrated into a complex hardware platform responsible for managing the set of services that share infrastructure. For this reason, GINERNET reserves the right to suspend, totally or partially, the fulfillment of these conditions (not providing the service) in the event that it notices, detects and/or verifies in its maintenance work an excessive consumption of resources or any other alteration that penalizes the platform in which it is located, in such a way that harms or entails an impairment in the provision of the service or the rights of customers or third parties that share the server with it.

2- To this end, GINERNET shall temporarily suspend the service. This circumstance shall be notified to the customer so that he/she can proceed to solve said alteration, and if, once the service has been restarted, he/she should repeat the same in a continuous manner or in bad faith, the service shall be cancelled without the right to any refund.

3- GINERNET offers an unlimited guarantee of the correct functioning of the hardware in which the service is housed, with replacement in case of failure.

4- GINERNET will not be responsible for the loss or accidental deletion of the customer’s data. Similarly, GINERNET does not guarantee the replacement of this data.

5- By contracting the services, the client commits himself to keep a backup copy of the services in order to replace them if necessary.

6- In no case does GINERNET accept responsibilities derived from data loss, business interruption or any other damage produced by the operation of the services or by not meeting the customer’s expectations.

7- The client guarantees that he will use the service in accordance with the specifications and technical restrictions, without this use causing any damage to the server, the system resources or even the computer programs.

8- The client recognizes and accepts that the installation of software, the modification of some resources and the contracting of extensions or additional services may require the reboot or reinstallation of the server for its correct functioning. GINERNET will not assume any responsibility for the consequences that may arise from such actions, including loss of data, the consequences of which are exclusively attributable to the customer.

9- The client will be exclusively responsible for the administration of their services, the applications that they install on their server, as well as the effects that they may have on the pre-installed standard software or the configuration of the machine, in those cases where this option is feasible, the problems that may be generated on their server, especially those related to the security measures that should have been adopted.

10- In those exceptional cases where there is a conflict, GINERNET can only reinstall the service by removing all the data and configurations that the server may have.

11- Consequently, GINERNET shall only be responsible for the availability of the physical infrastructures, the network and the physical host corresponding to the service.

12- The customer shall indemnify GINERNET for any expenses incurred by it in any case for which the customer is responsible, including the fees and expenses of GINERNET’s lawyers, even in the case of a non-definitive judicial decision.

13- The content of the data stored by the Customer must be in accordance with the laws of his country, and with the laws of Spain.

14- It is forbidden for the customer to access, modify, visualize the configuration, structure and files of the GINERNET servers. Any problem that may occur in the GINERNET servers and security systems as a direct consequence of the customer’s negligence, the customer will be responsible for the civil and criminal liability that may correspond to him/her.

15- It is strictly forbidden to use the servers to send SPAM, emails without prior approval or any activity that supports spammers. GINERNET shall be the sole arbiter in deciding whether a violation has been established in this respect, based on complaints it may receive from Internet users, ISPs or the relevant authorities.

16- GINERNER reserves the right to penalize with an amount of 50 € to those clients that after having made use of an IP address owned by GINERNET and this has been catalogued in one or more blacklists.


1- These Conditions shall end when, in addition to the legally established causes and those stipulated in the different clauses of these Conditions, any of the following occur

  1. Mutual Agreement of the parties.
  2. End of the initial period of duration or successive extensions.
  3. Resolution for non-compliance of any of the parties with the obligations derived from the conditions.

2- If the customer’s non-compliance is the cause of the resolution of these conditions, GINERNET reserves the right to terminate these conditions in advance and, therefore, to deprive the customer of the service without prior notice and without the customer being entitled to any compensation or refund.

3- In case of resolution or rescission of these conditions, for the causes mentioned above or any other admitted in law, the customer must comply with the obligations assumed prior to the resolution of these conditions towards GINERNET and towards third parties.

4- The services provided by GINERNET do not include a trial period, unless otherwise specified in the product details, nor are they eligible for refund or return.