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Looking for a cheap VPS
with excellent performance
and great network stability?

Finding cheap VPS servers in 2023 is very simple.

Whether they also meet what you’re looking for is another matter…

Servidores VPS

VPS on Offer for LowEndBox users

We offer you this VPS at a highly competitive price and it is specially designed for users who have an advanced level of knowledge in server management.
If you consider that our service is good, we would appreciate if you can leave us a positive feedback in the forums, in this way we can win new customers and thus ensure the continuity of our service for a long time.

If the service does not meet your expectations, we hope you will not be too harsh in your feedback, but before this happens, we would like to know what are the problems you have found in order to improve our service.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.





1 x 2.40 GHz

E5-2600 v3


2 GB



25 GB

NVMe PCIe 3.0


2 TB/month

10 Gbps





2 x 2.40 GHz

E5-2600 v3


4 GB



50 GB

NVMe PCIe 3.0


4 TB/month

10 Gbps





4 x 2.40 GHz

E5-2600 v3


8 GB



100 GB

NVMe PCIe 3.0


8 TB/month

10 Gbps

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Competitive price, good performance and network stability

What more do you ask from a VPS server?


El más barato
If you contract the annual plan, we give you 4 months free. We respect your price forever.


Red con el mejor ping
Response times between 3 and 15 ms. Hosted in Madrid (Spain). At Interxion Data Center.


Hosting estable
Network equipment with the same capacity and features as that of the large providers.


Protección contra ataques
With the ability to execute mitigation processes against DDoS attacks. Avoid having your server thrown away with an AntiDDoS IP.


Soporte técnico personalizado
We serve customers directly, without intermediaries. Closeness and quick responses by phone, Telegram or by opening a ticket on the web.


Pantalla Control fácil de usar
Install the Operating System with a single click and control your machine with a simple and intuitive Control Panel that does not depend on third parties.

What else do NVMe SSD VPS servers include?


Copias de seguridad todos los días
We make backup copies of all our clients’ VPS every day. And they are stored in a data center in Germany, remote enough to ensure their security.
In addition to restoring them with one click through the control panel, you can make your own snapshots whenever you want.


Protección AntiDDoS
Free service for all clients as long as they receive specific attacks. All the subnets of our network have the capacity to execute mitigation processes against DDoS attacks.
If you host a service prone to attacks on your VPS, we offer AntiDDoS IPs protected by Voxility or Path.net for just €3/month . Routed in Madrid (no ping increase).


Direcciones IPv4+IPv6
After payment you receive immediate access to your VPS. You can install the operating system with a single click through our templates for AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Windows.
If you prefer, you can also install your operating system through an ISO image easily through the control panel.
Execute tasks such as turning on, turning off, restarting or reinstalling your virtual server, managing IP addresses, backups and consulting your consumption statistics in a simple way.
The GridCP control panel from which to manage your VPS is developed by GINERNET, so we do not depend on third parties.


Each VPS has a unique fixed IPv4 that cannot be changed. It is possible that due to the type of service you are going to host, you need additional IPs.
We offer you the contracting of additional IPv4 that you will be able to choose from different classes. All linked to your user account and Fail-Over type. That is, you can move them from one VPS to another and they are yours as long as you continue to renew them.
If you need it, you can hire a /48 IPv6 subnet for €12 per year.

VPS server plans for all budgets

Configura tu servidor VPS

Try it for a month

For only €5.95, it is the cheapest plan.
Stable and powerful network at one of the best prices in the industry.

What do the cheapest VPS packages include?

The fact that it is a cheap VPS server does not mean that you are going to find yourself with limitations or outdated equipment. You will find the best quality/price ratio.


Características del VPS


GridCP Logo

How have we managed to offer such high performance?

The objective of every VPS server provider is to achieve a stable infrastructure, without bottlenecks for traffic, that does not suffer falls and with availability of resources that adapt to the needs of each client at all times. .


Hardware de última generación
The components of our servers have top brand hardware. The nodes are high-density, with 40 cores, 512 GB of RAM, NVMe drives (faster than SSDs) with high-performance io and 10 Gbps network.
The truth is that it is impossible to guarantee that nothing fails (and whoever does, is lying), but we do have redundancy in equipment and replacement components on site to be able to resolve incidents immediately.


Servidores virtuales KVM
Our VPS servers are virtual machines based on KVM/Qemu virtualization technology. This allows us to create servers with dedicated resources and real isolation.
On our VPS servers you can install or compile the operating system of your choice. Or reinstall it when you need it.

VPS servers in Spain

VPS en España
We host our VPS at Interxion (Madrid), it is the most prestigious data center in Spain where companies such as Google, Facebook or Netflix also host their servers.
It offers us the space with air conditioning and electricity necessary to keep the equipment in operation with the most demanding levels of quality, with 24×7 on-site presence of personnel.
We have a BGP network with 60 Gbps and 6 redundant fiber optic links with 6 different providers:
  • Telefonica / Orange / Vodafone
  • GTT
  • Arelion / Telia
  • Aire Networks
  • Voxility
  • Path.net
We also do peering with Cloud providers (Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.)
Our IP transit allows you to reach any national ISP (Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, etc.) in less than 1 ms.​

Performance and stability (really) at the best price

Test the performance of our VPS by launching a ping or with the download test.

Check our BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) connectivity.



100MB – 1000MB
MTR / Ping

Do you know who the most demanding customers are?

The Gamers!
Servidores de juegos
An online gaming hosting provider cannot afford the luxury of demand bringing down the network or slowing down data. The traffic that a gaming platform supports is huge with hundreds and thousands of users participating.
Nor can they afford the luxury of attacks and games crashing, because if it happens, they lose their way of income from those micropayments.
Do you know which VPS are the most used for game servers in Spain? Exact! Those of GINERNET.

VPS server plans for all budgets

Try it for a month

For only €5.95, it is the cheapest plan.
Stable and powerful network at one of the best prices in the industry.
Configura tu servidor VPS

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Take a look at what they say about GINERNET VPS

When we started in 2012 there was not so much offer of VPS servers. However, right now we continue to compete with big giants.
What sets us apart? Our clients tell us that they are satisfied with the care they receive from us. They also like the quality of the service, that they have not had problems with the network… Even those who have tried our competition’s VPS servers prefer us. they say so…

What those who have contracted their VPS servers with us value the most:

Opiniones de clientes

Nombre: Oscar León
Fecha: 26 Feb. 2022

Spectacular, the best I’ve tried Very low Ping, the price is super good. I love that at no additional cost they make a daily Backup that you can recover, which is very very useful. To set up your own VPN it is ideal. Before this I had tried, Strato, OVH, think solutions, Ionos and Clouding.io

Nombre: Javier Aragonés
Fecha: 12 Dic. 2021

I just switched from cubenode and I was impressed with the speed of the server The speed of the server when using MySql databases is incredible. The support is instant, although the previous one was also very good. And the price is unbeatable. The truth is that I am very happy with the change because the access to the databases is of the order of one tenth of the time.

Nombre: Daniel Camacho
Fecha: 21 Dic. 2020

Affordable and without service interruptions I have been using a GinerNET VPS almost daily for 5 years and I have never found the service down. The price is very cheap and has hardly gone up in the last year. I only needed technical support once and they responded almost immediately. In view of all of the above, I have no intention of changing providers.

Nombre: Sergio Martinez
Fecha: 11 May. 2019

Servers in Spain at affordable prices Currently I have contracted the most basic server that they offer to host my website (with little content), a TeamSpeak server and to do some tests, since I am still starting with the servers issue. I think it is the most affordable option that can be found in Spain for my use, a few euros a year, unbeatable.

Large companies that have their VPS with us

Zoho Corporation specializes in developing software, cloud services, and web applications for business. They use several of our VPS as part of their monitoring platform Site24x7.
CloudNS is a global DNS provider, including GeoDNS, Anycast DNS, and DDoS-protected DNS. The company implements the industry’s leading cloud service architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. At GINERNET we are proud to provide you with your network in Spain.
SmartBear is a software development company whose clients are other large companies such as Adobe, Microsoft or Fedex. They use several of our VPS as part of their monitoring platform.
LiteSpeed is a well-known high-performance HTTP service. They have developed quic.cloud a CDN for hosting images and web content. They use several of our VPS to host said CDN.

These are the most frequent questions about VPS servers

It stands for Virtual Private Server.

A server is a very powerful computer where programs are executed and data is stored, providing services such as web hosting, email, etc...

A VPS is a server that runs on a virtualization environment, which allows you to create several servers within a single computer.

The term Private refers to the fact that the server's resources are reserved, such as CPU, RAM and disk.

Each VPS is isolated from the rest.

The servers are ours, the network is ours and the control panel was designed by us. We do not depend on third parties for anything, this has allowed us to reduce costs and automate all processes both installation and incident management and support. The result is an affordable, high quality Cheap VPS that we have been offering since 2012. Experience is also a key factor in finding the right balance between price and quality.

The activation is immediate after validating the payment. If you pay by credit card or Paypal the validation is automatic so you will receive the VPS access data instantly.

GINERNET servers are hosted in Madrid, in the Interxion datacenter.

VPS can be upgraded and you can do it automatically from the client area. Technically it is not possible to downgrade a disk, so if you want to downgrade it is necessary to reinstall the VPS with a clean installation from scratch.

All our network has open incoming connections, we do not block any port. By simply installing your application, it will start responding on the port that corresponds to it. But don't forget to check your server's firewall.

By default, we block connections to port 25. This way, if your server has been hacked, the attacker will not be able to send SPAM. In case you need to send e-mails, we can activate port 25 for a one-time fee of 50 € per server. Contact us to activate it.

Yes, each VPS is delivered with a dedicated and public IP. The IP is not shared with anyone, all ports are available exclusively for your VPS.

Yes. To install Windows the VPS needs at least 25GB of disk space. For good Windows performance we recommend that the VPS has at least 4 cores.

Are you looking for a good, nice and cheap VPS server?

These are the main characteristics of our VPS Servers


Red con el mejor ping
Hosting of servers in Madrid. Guaranteed ping 5 – 15 ms in Spain.


Hosting estable
Investment in equipment with the same capacity and benefits as that of the large suppliers.


El más barato
We do not depend on third parties and we have experience since 2012.