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+1000 Gbps
Mitigation capacity

Three type of Anti-DDoS mitigation


Thanks to our technology #SMAMA, when an IP receives an attack, inbound traffic is routed automatically to the mitigation router. Mitigation takes only 15 seconds to complete since the start of an attack.


All of the traffic comes in directly through the mitigation router, when an IP receives an attack, the mitigation takes only 3 seconds to complete since the start of an attack. When an attack has finished the mitigation deactivates, but the inbound traffic continues to be routed by the mitigation router.


The IP is constantly in mitigation mode. In case of an attack, the mitigation is immediate. To activate this type of mitigation you must go to the #SMAMA panel which we give you access to when you order an Anti-DDoS IP.

Reactive Mitigation is included by default in all of the IPs in our network.
Proactive and Permanent Protection cost 3€/month per IP.

Are you an ISP and want to provide protection to your clients?

Take a look at our BGP Anti-DDoS service


In GINERNET, we have been the first provider in Spain to implement an Anti-DDoS solution with +1000 Gbps mitigation capacity with a relatively low cost.

We have setup a router in Equinix (Frankfurt) and with a BGP session, we announce our IP prefixes through the network of Voxility, a prestigious anti DDoS attack provider that filters all inbound traffic, allowing only clean traffic to go through. This traffic we route it to our network of servers in Spain in a totally transparent manner.

This way, we empower our network of an excellent quality service in protection against DDoS attacks, at the same time we offload to a third party the network cost and equipment necessary for mitigations of attacks.

This is how our Anti-DDoS works.

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+1000 Gbps DDoS protection with mitigation in less than 10 seconds.


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