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Ownership Transfer of a service

To transfer the ownership of a service, the following steps must be performed:
  1. The new owner must create a new customer account. From this link.
  2. The current owner must write a handwritten letter (handwritten) with the following content:
    • Conformity of change of holder
    • Name, surname, company and email of the new owner
    • List of products for the change of holder
    • Date and signature of the letter
  3. Scan the letter with good quality and attach a copy of the ID-card or Passport (of the current holder, not the new one). If the current owner is a company, a copy of both the company’s ID-card and the representative’s ID-card must be attached.
  4. Send the documents by e-mail to the address
In the event that the current owner is incapable of formalizing the application, the person in charge must carry out the procedure including the legal documentation that proves said incapacity, for example a death certificate, a medical certificate of incapacity or a notarial certificate.
If the cost of the service for which you want to change the holder is less than 10 € / month or 100 € / year (without VAT), the change of holder will cost 25 € + VAT (for each service).