Black Friday 2021

Offers and discounts on Hosting and VPS

Until November 30st !

Black Friday is a American tradition and is the day that kicks off the holiday shopping season.

It is the last Friday of November, this year it is the 27th.

In GINERNET we want to extend a little bit more and the offers will be available until the 31st.


Hosting cPanel

Litespeed Cache
Free SSL
Hosted in Madrid

1 €

After 4.50 €/month

VPS en España

10 Gbps connection
Hosted in Madrid
Interxion Datacenter

1 €

After 4.50 €/month

Servidores en España

VPS España

Our servers are in Spain, we use Spanish IPs and we have a direct connection with Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and MasMovil.

We offer you a 100% real hosting in Spain.

Why is it important to have my website hosted in Spain?

Because your clients and users are also from Spain.

When a user visits your website, the packets travel over the Internet, hopping through different network points. The further the user is from the destination server; the packets will have to jump more and therefore there will be a higher latency/ping (they will take longer to arrive). Hosting your website in Spain will have better access times.

Our servers are hosted in Madrid (at the Interxion datacenter).

A user who lives in Madrid and accesses our servers has a latency of less than 5 milliseconds.

The same user with a website hosted in France, the latency goes up to 25 ms.

The difference is remarkable. Do not hesitate! host your websites in Spain with our Hosting.